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    • Peter Woeste


      After reading about the Exergenie in Noah Hoffman’s blog a month or so ago, it became a Christmas wish list item for me. A few days ago my dad reminded me that a few years ago he gave me is 30+ year old Exergenie. This past weekend I dug out, dusted it off and set it up. I only tested it out for a minute, but it seems to work fine, even with the original ropes. It has xc ski pole grips and straps tied to the ropes which is perfect because that is solely what I plan to use it for. However, it also has some other handle attachments and dowel bar type things. I don’t know what these are for. I just watched an Exergenie demo video on the XC Ottawa website and now have questions on the length/type of rope you can use, how to change it out, etc. I couldn’t find any instructions on your website. Do you have them available anywhere? If not, could you email me a PDF of them? Or even mail a hard copy?

      I look forward to hearing from you and using the Exergenie. I plan to use it tonight while watching this past weekends World Cup races in Davos. I set it up so I use it on my treadmill. I plan to put it at a decent incline and slowly bound while Exergenie-ing!


    • stuart holsapple

      i need instruction for vintage exergenie.

      • Jim Warren


        Thank you for your order of the EXER-GENIE Vintage Manual. Please let me know if you need any other help. Remember we have a Free EXER-GENIE App that will constantly be updated throughout the year showing different exercises as well as routines putting exercises together.

        Give me a call sometime, I’d love to hear from you.

        Jim Warren
        EXER-GENIE dba Team America Health & Fitness,Inc.

      • Jim Warren

        Here’s a little info for you to review. Give me a call should you have any lingering questions or need any specific info. 805-777-0168

        Quick Golf Video: https://vimeo.com/72240081

        EXER-GENIE is an adjustable and variable resistance training tool that allows for a variety of exercise applications for all age groups, skill levels and development levels. The EXER-GENIE setup and attachments dictate the applications and you as the trainer, athlete, or fitness enthusiast dictate the place and the how the EXER-GENIE is used in a Rehab or Training routine, Circuit Training Program or Sport Specific Movement. Getting Started Video: https://youtu.be/Ph5JqsZ7EIs

        The science of the EXER-GENIE with the 10′ training line is to use an isometric contraction (60-70% max effort) at the beginning of the movement to recruit the muscle fibers, like the first 9 reps of a weight lifting movement, then to use variable resistance to maintain the (60-70%)muscle contraction intensity level through the range of motion. https://youtu.be/pXsBLwvnYcw

        The EXER-GENIE Speedline Setup is safer than bands, more versatile than chutes and more convenient than sleds.

        Unlike weights, bands, or suspension body weight training you don’t have a ballistic movement where the weight can lose the resistance because of momentum.

        Also by using the isometric contraction at the beginning of the movement you increase pure strength at the weakest angle or the stick point there by improving your strength more efficiently. For example if you place the EXER-GENIE in the hinge side of the door over your shoulder for a bench press movement and do the 10 second isometric contraction at 60-70% effort and after 10 seconds allow the control line to slide under your finger enough to maintain as close as possible an isometric contraction through the range of motion you’ll get the variable resistance increasing the intensity at the stronger points in the bench press.

        It would be like someone holding the barbell down and only allowing you to do one intense rep. Fastest way to build strength in a muscle is with isometrics, the issue is you only get the strength results at the angle you apply so you need to fatigue the muscle with reps and the last rep is as close to an isometric contraction through the range of motion. The EXER-GENIE eliminates the reps and gets to the last rep first.

        You also can do reps with the EXER-GENIE such as shown in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0zy-w_hua8

        The Trainer Guide will go through all EXER-GENIE the concepts of the and we are constantly working on getting new video for the Free EXER-GENIE App.

        Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

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