If you love the Exer-Genie Systems as much as we do and would like to support the method and the best system to benefit from it you found the starting point to partner with us. Write your own articles, make your how-to and coaching videos and tell people about what you like about the Exer-Genie and what you think is the best way to use it. Sign up for our partner program powered by Thrivecart using the link on the bottom of the systems page in our shop. We recommend to concentrate on one product and category until you understand how to generate interest and got your visitors ready to buy. The best way to start is with the Classic.

Try to keep it as simple as possible and keep our do/do not list in mind – it is based on experience…


  • think helping and solving problems
  • demonstrate the usage that implicit presents the advantages & benefits (what are the problems the Exer-Genie is the best solution for?) before linking – no selling necessary (may be even counter productive…), let the imgages/video talk, think product placement and/or consulting/coaching (maybe you even can make some money after that this way…)
  • present one solution at a time – use a SINGLE System with a special adaptation, stay in your target group, use the words your mates/peers use
  • use simple Customer Journey
    • video with description & link to next step (can be on YouTube or Instagram or your blog)
    • (optional: Blog post on your blog)
    • (optional: short video with you saying something about the product
    • Product Thrivecart with your Partner-Link


  • use the word “Exer-Genie” if you expect a revenue – many people google brand and skip over your link
  • link unspecific to Exer-Genie Hompage
  • think selling