Speed Trainer 60m (200′) one X-Harness

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X-Harness System by Exer-Genie®VRT® 60 Meter (200′) Training Line



Long Line

Speed Trainer Exer-Genie® 60 meter (200′) Speed Development System. Adjustable, portable and variable resistance training tool with a 200′ training line. For dry land or on ICE with any age or skating skill level development. To improve speed and agility for any sport.


  • Exer-Genie® unit with anchor strap
  • 60 meter (200ʼ) training line
  • Padded X harness – carrying case
  • Online videos
  • Quick start guide online

Choose this Exer-Genie® Speed Development System for running or skating speed, functional movement, functional rehab and power development. Exer-Genie® is also perfect for home speed training workouts and youth sports training.

Training with the Exer-Genie® will increase skating speed and agility and allow you to feel your edges whether skating forward, backwards or oblique movements. Can be used with passing and stick handling drills developing better stick and puck control.

Exer-Genie® is more convenient than sleds, more versatile than chutes and safer than rubber bands…”One Unit…Infinite Use” especially useful for functional rehab and power development.

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