Speed Trainer 2x18m (60′) one X-Harness


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X-Harness System by Exer-Genie® VRT® 2×18 Meter (60′) Training Line


Strongmen Training Drills

The Exer-Genie® X-Harness System is an Adjustable, Variable, Portable Resistive Training Tool with two 18-meter (60′) training lines.

This System is great for Bear Crawls, Truck Pulling and all other exercises where a waist harness does not offer enough surface to transfer the resistance on your body.

  • Exer-Genie® Unit
  • 18m (60m’) Training Line
  • 18m (60m’) Replacement Training Line
  • Padded X-Harness for arm free running development can also be used as a waist harness
  • Carrying Case
  • Quick Start Guide

Choose this System with X-Harness for Running Speed, Functional Movement, Functional Rehab and Power Development.

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